Sprucing up the studio

I have spent the past few weeks looking at my studio space at Manchester Craft & Design Centre and trying to assess which pieces I like best or which things I think ‘work’. I have decided I like the use of my floral frames to make the sculptures look complete. Instead of just being something on the wall, they are perhaps a centrepiece or focal piece.

I set about choosing pieces I didn’t find exciting and built happy foliage frames around them. I’ve had a really fun week in the studio. These photos show my progress so far.

I plan to experiment with less flowery ‘frame’ ideas too. I want to purchase some strips of flexiply to make some wooden frames. I’m also rather fond of the idea of making leafy, autumnal foliage to surround some little guys.

Mostly I want to thoroughly enjoy making each new piece and explore new ideas and designs.


A new blog for the new year

Hello! My name is Kate and I make paper sculptures.

I am 34, from Manchester, England and some of my favourite things in life include thunderstorms, comic books, squirrel watching and doodling with a fountain pen.

My intention with this blog is to document my design ideas, my new makes and some art based adventures I have along the way. I have had a blog before, but largely for the wrong reasons. I felt some sort of pressure that, as an artist, I am supposed to have one. This blog is for me. An online diary for me to plan future ideas, look back on old ones and see how I grow and develop.

Each month I plan to document:

my favourite piece I’ve made

recent sketchbook doodles

interesting artists or makers I have been inspired by

handsome views from a countryside walk or a creature pal I’ve made on my adventures.


This is my favourite piece from my studio at the moment, featuring Diego the grey squirrel 🙂